Does Bleaching Light Really Necessary in Teeth Whitening?

Does bleaching light really necessary in teeth whitening? This is one of the most controversial things in the dentist world. Many dentists use it and many not. At the same time many teeth whitening kits come up with Bleaching LED Light, many not.  Let me share some teeth whitening kits with you which come with or without bleaching lights

With Bleaching Light:


  • Niveous
  • Lumibrite
  • Costing:

    In general, kits which come with bleaching light actually cost little more and it’s common as you are getting an extra kit. Another important thing is that most of the home based and professional kits come with bleaching light and it’s a clear indication that people loves to have a tool kits with LED lights. It gives them additional satisfaction.

    Why Bleaching Light:

    This light is used to generate some heating effects. As you know that the gel contains Hydrogen Peroxide and heating can produces faster breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. Most of the professionals use mainly hydrogen peroxide based product and their range are between 17 to 50% while home based product contain equivalent to 3 to 10%. That’s one of the reasons why professional treatment can produce comparatively faster result. But it cost more money as well.

    What Else Solutions Do I have for Whitening My Teeth

    Actually you have many solutions in whitening your teeth. You just need to know why and how to implement them. At the same time you need to prevent your teeth from being more yellowish. Here is an awesome infographic you can check to prevent your teeth from being more yellowish.

    Few of the alternative methods of whitening your teeth is by using natural remedies like Baking Soda, Orange Pulp etc. Here is an article that covers how you can use baking soda to whitening you teeth.

    And here is a presentation you can check for getting few more tips GET WHITE TEETH

    So these are some quick tips and information I wanted to share with you. Hope things can help you learn more about teeth whitening and keep smiling. You need to take the first step to ensure that you have the perfect teeth, white and healthy.

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