The Different Natures of Bangladesh’s Written Literature

With the technological age’s coming, all things manually done are being replaced. Bangladesh is one of the countries not letting culture die. Books play a great role in Bangladesh. For learning; for studying further, for looking at pictures, or even just to learn how to cook. Bangladesh has hefty amounts of physical bookstores, online bookstores and even book fairs and book events every year. This is unexpected for someone who lives outside this country but to them, books are part of their daily lives. The mystery of how Bangladesh treats literature is hereby covered in this article.

Literature Is A Way to Preserve Culture

Bangladesh is in the middle of tech advancement and development. This development is not guaranteed to keep everything it touches. This includes culture and traditions as part of those which may be lost. Many people in Bangladesh use literature to combat this. Throughout history, literature is written in many languages and different styles to appeal to the masses; the children, the adults, the religious, and even the rebellious. It was during the medieval period when written literature has become an integral part of the Bangla culture. Most of these have plots and stories that surround the reader with mystery and wonders that often speak about the culture in the country and how it is evil to embrace other ways of thinking. You can even get Bangla books online and read about the Bangla culture right then and there.


Literature in Education

Surprisingly, English is a major part of the curriculum in Bangla but is optional. Rich in thought and content, books written by legendary writers like Begum Rokeya and Rabindranath Tagore are studied in literature. In Bangladesh, books in different classes are free to be distributed to the people and offers great deal of knowledge. Surprisingly, Bangladesh has a great love for books and this is evident with online books. There are many Bangla books online which can be bought to enforce studies and refreshing ideas. is the largest online book seller in the country. Their customer service is very good and delivers books in less than 5 days.

Literature in Setting the Stage for The Future

Though advancements in science and technology may obscure religion, some of the books written in Bangla now mix with the power of technology all while preserving the idea of religion and culture. Contemporary writers include characters and plots that try to challenge the idea of today’s thinking and promote the old way. With Bangladesh mostly a Muslim Country, it is very evident how they incorporate the idea of writing to promote culture in everyday life.
The limits for the use of literature in the whole world is limited only by the intentions and goals of its creator. People in Bangladesh love their culture and so do the authors and other writers over there. Traditions and religion is so inseparable with the people that technology bends to its will and never outperform it. Books will continue to be written even with the advancement in technology. All while carrying the important history, culture, and tradition of the Bangladesh people.

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