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How activated charcoals can Help You Having Good Skin and Hair

Have you ever found a person who doesn’t like nice skin and hair. Everyone wants to look good and healthy. But only few can maintain it. In this age, there are lots of inventions, mostly with chemical substances. They have some adverse effect for long run which can cause cancer as well. That’s why people are now focusing on natural remedy with natural substances to fulfill their needs. They are echo friendly and no adverse effect. Charcoal is one of them. Activated charcoal has more surface areas to provide better feedback than regular bamboo / coconut or hardwood charcoal. Here is an article you read to know about Numerous Applications of Charcoal Products.

In this article I will only cover on skin and hair related benefits of activated charcoal.

1) Take CareOily Skin
Do you have Oily skin like me? I know how frustrating it is to move with oily skin. But no worries! Activated charcoal may help us. This is the ingredient we need to balance things out. You can use it as a cleanser or mask. Activated charcoal can pull the unwanted excess skin oils and can leaving it smooth. To get better result do this sparinglyonce or twice per week. Doing more than it may cause over-drying issue.

2) Use It to Treat Acne
Charcoal is one of the coolest solution if you are suffering with acne. Although the treatment depends on the time of acnes you have. It works basically by absorbing oils and other toxins on and below the skin. It is kind of spot treatment. Use it on acnes instead of entire face.

3) Add Volume to Your Hair

Carrying around excessive dirt can cause your hair start to sag. The use of regular shampoocan’timprove the situationat all. Uses of regular shampoo remove surface dirt, but activated charcoal can do even more. It can pull out more dirt. You may feel lighter weighted and feel more comfortable. It also helps hair to shine more and helps in increasing hair volume.

There are lots more ways activated charcoal can help your skin and hair. But these three tricks are more helpful. I will write more on this topic in future where I will show you more than 10 benefits of activated charcoal.

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