Web Design – Conversion Rate Optimization

Up to these days, many still believes that when it comes to website operation, one should understand the importance of optimization. In fact, back then it was the biggest industry you can find in the online world. The problem is, search engines always change their algorithm and there are some SEO companies who are making wild guesses about the things that they supposed to do to the sites they are developing.

SEO Obsolete?

Whether you like it or not, SEO is not becoming obsolete, but it does not necessarily mean that optimizing your website is not essential and it is still part of the SEM (Search Engine Marketing). But nowadays, the competition is not the websites positioning via SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The real competition relies on how your viewers will become customers and this is where the b3b web design comes in.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Web design is crucial in web developing, b2b web marketing agency and web marketing strategist. Keep in mind that many online users these days are spending most of the time not on Google search but rather to social media networks. So, how in the world you are going to convince these folks to visit your website and hopefully become your avid customers one day or another? In addition, not all online users these days are using their computer or laptop, instead, they are using mobile devices such as smartphones and androids. If your web design is only meant for the computer screen, this can affect your bounce rate and most people would just jump back from where they started their search.

Web Design

A good design in any website will keep most of your viewers to stay. Yet of course, the content of your site must be helpful making them plenty of reasons to stay a little bit more.  It does not necessarily mean that you are going to include over than 1500 words. You should know by now, that most  live users these days are not interested most in the time from the words you present to your content but to the images. Just imagine reading this article right at this moment without any images, designs with a plain color black and white.

Call To Action

This is crucial to each online marketing b2b web marketing agency. Most web design agencies can provide sophisticated web designs whether it is a website or a landing page. But, what would make these live users to subscribe or buy your stuff online? The landing page for example must provide all the things a live viewer needs in the simplest way. This could include the benefits of the subscription and how legit your operation online. It must be convincing and at the same time, it must sound legit. The call to action button must not be too aggressive but not too careful either.

In web designing, it does not really matter how much sophisticated your site is, but how believable the design would be and how to convince the live viewers that you mean business.

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