Why WordPress is best for E-Commerce Websites?

You must have heard of WordPress before. But all you may know it that ecommerce websites use it today. Do you know why? I will tell you that in a short while. Before I get there let me first tell you what WordPress is.

WordPress is an online website creation tool written in PHP. It is a fully open source and more specifically the simplest and easiest blogging tool that has ever been created. It is also used for Content Management Systems commonly known as CMS.

From what I have highlighted you may have realized that WordPress needs no prior tech know how to run. This alone, makes it super ideal for ecommerce operators. Additionally it is easy to run and has been used by even the major ecommerce websites such as Shopify.

In fact with Shopify, a self hosted WordPress site can be easily used if you had your personal domain name. The reason for this is because when using WordPress, your store data usually remain on the servers.

Another reason why WordPress is absolutely awesome for ecommerce websites is because WordPress supports so many plugins. For an ecommerce website to run efficiently, it has to have plugins. Plugins helps in categorizing products and customers, redirecting customers, and collecting customer’s info including location, product bought, and what was viewed/ at what time.

Today plugins such as the woocommerce google product feed and many other types of product feed plugins can be used. The process of installing plugins has even been made simpler by the newer version of the WordPress plug in to your browsers. Here is a simple process for installing plugins for WordPress.

  • Start by Login in to your WordPress Admin Panel
  • Now scroll to Plugins and click on “Add New”
  • In the search section provided type in name of the plugin e.g “WooCommerce”
  • Run the search when done/ by hitting on “Enter” button.
  • You will find the plug in sought right up your screen.
  • Once you’ve found it you should then click on “Install Now”
  • Then click on “Yes” and let WordPress run the Installation.

Usually, when you accsess the WordPress administration panel, you will find the Plugins section at the top of the menu bar. Trust me this is the one reason why many ecommerce owners love WordPress.

However, there is more to it. WordPress press plugins are generally more secure. WordPress allows you to customize a number of free and premium plugins that create awesome password security, verify HTTPS and SSL Certificates, and roundup the security of every payment gateway in the ecommerce website.

Many ecommerce users have argued that for WordPress, the most popular solution for developing an ecommerce is woocommerce. But this is absolutely ideal for single vendor stores.

Above all these, it is quite clear that WordPress offer the easiest digital downloads for data feed plugin and for any ecommerce store. This alone is a game changer as it saves times, boosts access, and maximizes productivity.

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